Sell Sell automatic double sides labeling machine

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Product features :
1. The double automatic labeling machine is applicable to square bottles or flat bottles in double mark or single mark.
2. The shape belt is able to be inclined, and the labeling head can be adjusted at six orientations, so the machine is able to be adjusted successfully in several minutes for any bottle.
3. The pressure between the active axle and the press roller can be adjusted, so the running direction of the label can be adjusted freely . In common the label is only pressed flexibly, so it acts without a certain orientation.
4. The labeling head adopts the structure of the double press rollers . It guarantees that the label is pulled tightly but is not broken because of the underneath paper die-cutting. The separated clutch makes the strain more balanced.
5. The Chinese human interface and the online helping system make it easy to operate the machine for the workers. The press belt gear into the main transporting line, so it makes the two transporting lines work synchronous absolutely.
6. The optional sensor LRD6100 is suitable for all type labels. When you change the labels, you needn't adjust the sensor.
7. The machine apply the famous server motor, so it realizes real closed loop controlling and it avoids the phenomenon of the blind man walks when the machine apply the stepper motor. The high accurately subdividing and the inside encoder guarantee that the labeling is very accurate. The acceleration and the clutch raise are set by the computer.
8. After our company experienced engineer researched and improved for several decades, this machine structure is very concise . As we have known simpler, more dependable.
9. The shape structure is designed specially, so the labeled thing is able to be located and labeled precisely
10. The several passage synchrotrons can check the real dimension of the labeled thing automatically. After calculating speedily it can locate the labeling position.
11. The label is scraped by the scrape board and is pressed by the sponge roller without dynamic and the dynamic roller. So when the label is stuck it has not any air bladder . It is especially applicable to the crystal bottles labeled with transparent labels.

Technique parameter:
Labeling speed: 30m/min
labeling accuracy:1 1mm
Label max width: 200mm
bottle size: Thickness<=88mm height<=460mm
Label inner diameter: #76mm
Label outer diameter: Max #350mm
Machine size: 3048*1200*1650
Using power: 220V 50Hz 3000W
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20 days
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Power Requirements
380V 50HZ
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