Sell Sell collision repair system

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Sample-2200 is the standard equipment to export. It's precise quick and no work blind area, according with the technicians repair habit, top-grade auto high intensity repair. And it has been admitted in each domestic authorized repairing company.

Hydraulic gradient lift-descend bench is more convenient for any accident car move on and off the bench. (Even can drive auto on the bench directly) .
Mechanics and steam-line designed clamp have the high strenght and long life performance after through forging, technology heating. Almost consider all arbitrarily distorted repairing.

High precision alloy measurement system can achieve three dimensions measuring controlling the size to the same as the original. The Global synchronism data supplied by Mitchell company and national motorcar compnies keep new style data supporting. The hydraulic pump supplied by the ENERPAC Company ofAmerican. Perfect service system can free your mind of appreehensions completely.

Length: 5500mm
Width: 2100mm
Height: 360-600mm
Pulling cpacity: 100KN
Air supply required: 0. 8MPA
Radius of pulling: 360 degree
Max. Load: 3500kg
Total weight: 2600kg