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Product Name: Wooden Base Diamond Hones, Sharpeners, Polishing stones
Model No. : BF-MS1

1. Sizes: 3x8
2. Four Optional Grits: 180#,260#,360#,600#
3. With Wooden pedestal and Six Slip-preventing pads
4. Main Application: Sharpening of household tools, such as scissors and knives with efficient results.

and Knife sharpening stick (Diamond steels Model No. : BF-MB10) as below:

1. Grit: 600#
2. Optional Sizes: 6,8,10,12
3. Application: Diamond steel uses abrasive grit to cut a new edge into a knife. They work very well when knives are dull but over uses can take unnecessary metal off knife or change its shape. Diamond steels should not be used daily but are great to have around in between trips to sharpening shop.

and Fingernail Knife Sharpener (Model No. : BF-MS12) as below:

1. Diamond Zone: 12x40mm
2. Grit: 600#
3. Portable
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