Sell Sell different types of Male Latex Condoms

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1. Wide range of condoms
From regular 52mm, 53mm, 56mm, ultra thin, spermicidal, single colour, bi-coloured, tri-coloured, contoured regular, contoured ultra thin, contoured dotted, contoured ribbed, 3 in 1, thick head, extra strong, ultra thick, baggy and baggy ribbed

2. Different colours
All available upon fulfillment to terms & conditions

3. Combination of colours, scents and fragrance
Dressing with fruit scent, flavoured (with taste) and fragrance

4. Range of packing medium
From board packing of 1's pack, 2's pack, 3's pack, 4's pack, 6's pack, 10's pack, 12's pack, 36's pack, 100's pack and 144's pack

5. Different packing sachets
. Rectangular Foil 68mm x 3mm (standard size)
. Square Foil 55mm x 55mm (standard size)
. Square Foil 60mm x 60mm,
. Square Foil 65mm x 65mm
. Buttercup
. Round Condoms
ISO9001, ISO13488, Directive 93/42/EEC (CEO120) and USA FDA