Sell Sell disposable handpieces with high-speed turbine

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Handpieces is the most frequently-used instrument for dental treatment nowadays. But because of its extortionate price and being unable to be sterilized thoroughly, traditional turbine handpieces cant meet the disposable need for clinical application.

To fulfill the One patient, one handpieces demand of the branch of the Ministry of Health and need of dental iatric organizations, and to better protect the health and security of patients and dental iatric operators, our company manufactured this newfashioned disposable handpieces. It is the pioneer of the same category product in the world; and received deeply and widely welcome from patients and dental iatric operators.

Apply to operate for incising teeth by using high speed turbine needle during dental treatment

1. With higher quality but much lower price compared with the traditional handpiece.
2. Meet the C E standard in all respects. Could use it safely.
3. Could solve the sterilization problem of clinical dental handpieces which has long been the obstacle for the wide use of handpieces.
4. Could completely fulfilled the one patient, one handpieces demand of MOH
5. Putting an end to the cross infection of hepatitis B, AIDS, SARS and other contagious diseases.
6. The first product in the world. Surly it has a spacious market foreground.

Our company have made risk analysis about the product and taken appropriate measurement against it. The handpieces has passed the test carried out by China Centre for Medical Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing of State Drug Administration.

Attachment : The couplings for connecting the disposable handpiece with dental integrated treatment equipment.
Not for disposable use
2 kinds of models : One is with 2 border (2 hole) and the other one is with 4 border (4 hole)