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WILLIAMS IMPORT EXPORT CONSULTING is establishing long-term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of various products for the International Export Market.

We have a demand for products in the International Market and have the required expertise in assisting your company to export.

Our expertise is in assisting manufacturers exploring and entering new markets for export. We have identified that the products your company manufacturers has an export potential.

Our services include the following:

Identifying an exportable product
Market research where required - international
International product price comparison
Construction of marketing and advertising material for the Internet - Web Material
Marketing and promotion of products on the Internet - Internet Advertising
Assistance in pricing and costing of products for export in accordance with the INCOTERMS
Negotiation of sales with prospective Importers and Exporters
Negotiation of suitable methods of payment - Letters of Credit
Advice and information on banking and exchange risks
Foreign Exchange pricing
Forward Exchange Contracts
Arrangement of suitable marking and packing of products
Arrangement and overseeing of freight forwarding
Conclusion and follow up of orders and contracts
Your participation in the export market has tremendous advantages:

Competing in foreign markets contributes to increasing the company's competitiveness in producing world class quality products
Exploiting opportunities in untapped markets
Export compensates for seasonal fluctuations in local domestic sales
Export markets can offer increased profit margins
Finding new markets for products with declining domestic sales potential, thereby extending the product's life cycle
Higher sales volume can lower the production cost
Increased opportunities for sales worldwide
Lower production cost can improve profitability to the manufacturer
Reducing local market risks by selling to international markets
Taking advantage of economies of scale by enlarging the sales base in order to spread fixed costs of the local production
Using excess production capacity and offers possibility of expansion
Benefits of using our services:

A manufacturer requires affordable services from a professional agent who can offer him a service of marketing, advertising and promoting of his product for export.
The manufacturer largely focuses on the manufacturing of his product, and cannot usually afford the time required in marketing and exporting.
Lack of knowledge in importing, exporting, marketing and Internet advertising & promotion can cost time and offer risk. In order to eliminate these risks the use of an Import Export Agent can be very beneficial.
Our services cover marketing through 165 countries.
There is a high cost to the manufacturer to open his own import export division within his company, and employ professional people to do the job, when he could have utilized our services for a nominal fee or a commission on sales.
The manufacturer needs as much assistance as possible in opening and exploring new markets for his product without incurring the necessary expense of a sales team.
Please contact Del Williams if your company would like to participate in import export trade with WILLIAMS IMPORT EXPORT CONSULTING.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Yours truly

Del Williams