Sell Sell needle loom and zipper making machinery

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Our company agent various needle loom production and zipper making machine. And we are the biggest seller of spare parts for needle loom & zipper machine in china. We also export our machinery and spare parts to Turkey, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa and other countries. Please contact us for further information.
(1) Narrow fabric weaving machine. Such as Needle loom, Jacquard needle loom, Crochet machine, Knitting machine, Warping machine, Rubber thread warping machine, Elastic finishing winding.
(2) Zipper making machine. Such as zipper Chain forming machine, Kala moulding machine, Nylon zipper sewing machine, Auto gapper and bottem stop machine, Auto slider mounting machine, Auto double top-stop machine, Auto pinker machine
(3) Spare parts for needle loom. Such as KYANG YHE, SHENG TAI, LEOPARD, HOUK SHIENG, MULLER
(4) Spare parts for zipper making machine. Such as Zipper chain forming machine, Zipper sewing machine