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PrimeFilm 3650LAB, a high-performance 35mm film scanner with features specifically chosen to facilitate both quality & workflow in the mini-lab.

Professional-level features such as 16-bit A/D conversion, 3600 dpi optical resolution, & 3.4 dynamic range give the mini-lab the edge in providing its customers with the best quality product.

Digital ICE3, the industry's preferred image enhancement tool, is incorporated to allow the mini-lab to produce high-quality digital reproductions of the original photographs.

An IEEE1394 interface included with the PF3650LAB allows the user to scan an entire 36-frame strip of 35mm film in as little as 450 seconds (7 minutes 30 seconds) at 1200 dpi, or in 594 seconds (9 minutes 54 seconds) at 1800 dpi to boost productivity in the mini-lab. A USB 2.0 interface is included with the PF3650LAB, as well.

The PF3650LAB is equipped with a built-in auto focus mechanism that automatically adjusts the focus whenever the film is not positioned at the most desirable distance from the scanner. This step is performed before pre-scanning, which assures the most accurate scans possible. Manual focus is also provided as an option. The straight-line transportation device allows the mini-lab user to scan consecutively up to 40 frames at a time without using an external film holder.

Specifications of the Film Scanner
Maximum Optical Resolution: 3600 pixels
Mechanical Resolution: 3600 x 3600 pixels
Film Scanning: Yes
Maximum Scan Area: 35mm
Scanning Options: Transparency
One-Touch Buttons: Yes
Flatbed: No
Automatic Document Feeder: No
Parallel or SCSI Interface: Neither
USB or FireWire Interface: Both
Ethernet Interface: No
Weight: 2.087 KG