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Changsha Xinye Industrials Co. , Ltd. supply Synthetic Diamond Powder and Cubic Boron Nitride as follows:

Saw Grits
SMD Series
SMD Series saw grits are typical Chinese synthetic diamonds and suitable for less demanding applications. Synthesis process of these grits is similar to that of De Beers' SDA+ series. The seven products are recommended for low temperature sintering process. Besides sawing and drilling applications, SMD series grits are widely used for manufacturing metal bond grinding tools.

KRD Series
KRD Series saw grits are based on Nickel-base catalyst synthesis process. The six products contain a high level of cubo-octahedral crystals. Static toughness of single crystal is strong. High impact strength and good thermal stability make these grits suitable for a wide range of applications.

SXD Series
SXD Series saw grits are quality diamonds made in China. Both synthesis equipment and raw material are on the basis with innovation. Most of crystals are cubo-octahedral shape and free of visible inclusion. High strength and better thermal stability make the grits suitable for a wide range of sawing and drilling applications.

Coated Series
With many years' experience in diamond coatings technology, CRIMM now offers a full line of advanced diamond coatings at attractive prices in the market. By applying these coatings to our products, CRIMM's diamonds found more applications in stone and construction industries.

Grinding Grits
MBD Series Grinding Grits
Synthesis process of MBD Series is the same as that of SMD Series saw grits. All the four products are designed for use in metal bond tools. The lower quality MBD2 can be also used for vitreous bond tools.

EPD Series Grinding Grits
EPD Series grinding grits are treated SMD Series saw grits and MBD Series grinding grits. Generally, the four grits are similar to their base products with very low level of metal inclusion and specially designed for manufacturing electroplated diamond tools.

CRIMM's synthetic diamond powders for resin bond consist of four products, i. e. RVD1, RVD2, RVE and RVEG. All four products are designed for resin and vitreous bond applications. A full line of coated products is available.

Synthetic Diamond Micron Powders
Our micon powders family consists of three products, i. e. RMP for resin bond system, VMP for vitreous bond system and MMP for metal bond system.

Cubic Boron Nitride
Our CBN product has good quality and assorted specification, including black CBN100, black115, bright black CBN120, amber CBN210, golden yellow CBN230 and dark brownf CBN280, which are widely used for resin, vitrified, metal bonds and electroplated tools.

We will always welcome to having new inquiries and questions from our new & exist customers, and will do our best to provide them all possible information and convenience for mutual development in the future.

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