Sell Sell tungsten electrode/wire/rod/plate/alloys etc.

Sell tungsten electrode/wire/rod/plate/alloys etc. You May Also Be Interested In: ceriated tungsten electrode for tig welding electrode wire tungsten electrode tungsten wire
Main products: Black or ground electrode of Thoriated tungsten, ceriated tungsten, Lanthanated tungsten, Zirconiated tungsten, Pure tungsten.
Applicable scope: electrode for TIG welding and plasma welding, cutting, spray-coating and smelting.
Product Features: high melting point, low arc ignition, good arc stability, non-consumable. Tungsten electrode added 0.15-4% Tho2, Ce02, La203, Zro2 which can reduce the burn-off rate of electrode, prolong its service life, not pollute the welding seam, increase launching ability of tungsten electrode electrons with excellent welding appearance and quality.
Quality of surface: smooth, clear, no defect, no grease, no dirt and other impurity.
The end surface of electrode should be even, smooth and no burrs, the section has no interna defect.
Flat degree:<=0.5mm
Diameters Range: 1.0-12.0mm (or according to the requirements of customer)
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