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1) Wireless indoor and outdoor temperature (0F or 0C)
2) Wireless indoor and outdoor humidity (%RH)
3) Barometric pressure reading in inHg or hPa, absolut or relative(user selectable)
4) Wind speed in mph, m/s, km/h, knots, Beaufort (user selectable)
5) Wind chill temperature display (0F or 0C)
6) Dew point temperautre dispaly (0F or 0C)
7) Detail display of rainfall data in 1 hour, 24-hour, one week, one month and total since last reset. (user selectable in inch or mm)
8) Weather forecast display by weather icons(sunny, cloudy, rainy) based on changing barometric pressure
9) Weather forecast tendency arrow
10) Weather alarm modes for:
a) Temperature
b) Humidity
c) Wind chill
d) Dew point
e) Rainfall
f) Wind speed
g) Air pressure
h) Storm warning
11) Records min. and max. wind chill with time and date stamp
12) Records min. and max. dew point with time and date stamp
13) Records min. and max. humidity with time and date stamp
14) Records min. and max. temperature with time and date stamp
15) Receives and displays the radio controlled time and date (WWVB, DCF version) with manual setting option.
16) 12 or 24-hour time display
17) Perpetual calendar
18) Time zone setting
19) Time alarm
20) Daylight saving time
21) High light LED backlight
22) Wall hanging or free standing
23) Synchronized instant reception
24) Low power consumption ( over 2 years battery life for transmitter)
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