Sell Selling: White pumpkin seed

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The pumpkin seed imply 60.01% oils, 29.05% thick egg whites. The fatty acids of the seed oil constitutes analytical enunciation, the seed oil mainly contains unsaturated fatty acid sour, is an unsaturated fatty acid sour content one of the higher plant seeds, among them second oil the sour content be up to 52.92%, the pumpkin seed imply abundant of the zinc, thick egg white, thick fat, unsaturated fatty acid is sour and r-second oil sour etc. composition, can increase male sperm quality effectively, lift the high performance dint, can strengthen the reborn ability of the liver kidney, lower high blood pressure and lower blood sugar, can also alleviate constipation; Decline a fat and prevent cancer, maintain the male prostate gland and kidney, get rid of an insect and stop bleeding etc. several health care functions. It is a kind of nourishment health care oil source that has to develop a potential very much.

Product name:Snow-white pumpkin son; The light plank south dried melon seeds
Grade:A class; AA class
Humidity:<= 16%
Miscellaneous quality:<= 1%
Specification:Crumb; Medium slice; Big slice
Packing:Polypropylene fiber bag inside lining plastic tape
Provide the goods ability:1000 tons
Store a method:Keep in the normal temperature, avoid sunlight basking suddenly and violently.
Protect a quality period:2 years
Supply Capacity
1000tons Units Per Month
Available Colors
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