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10,000 m3, $484 m3, with cleared port space

Non-Detergent Test Grade Method of Test

Specific Gravity (60/60 deg F) 0.787-0.795 ASTM D-4052
Water (% mass) 0.82 maximum ASTM E-203
Ethanol content (% vol) 95.5 minimum ASTM D-5501
Methanol content (% vol) 0.5 maximum ASTM D-5501

Non-Volatile Matter
(mg/100 mL) 5.0 maximum ASTM D-1353
aka, Solvent Washed Gum 5.0 maximum ASTM D-381

Sulfur (ppm) 10 maximum ASTM D-5453
Benzene (% vol) 0.06 maximum ASTM D-3606
Olefins (% vol) 0.50 maximum ASTM D-6550
Aromatics (% vol) 1.70 maximum ASTM D-3606
Chloride Ion Content (mg/L) 32 maximum ASTM D-512*
Copper Content (mg/kg) 0.08 maximum ASTM D-1688**

Acidity (as acetic acid, % mass) 0.0070 maximum USA ASTM D-1613
0.0042 maximum Canada ASTM D-1613

Appearance Clear and bright, Visual visibly free
of suspended and/or settled contaminants.

Color, Platinum  Cobalt 50.0 maximum ASTM D-1209

Hydrocarbon Denaturant (% vol) 4.75 maximum ASTM D-5501***
2.0 minimum

pH equiv 6.5 minimum
Magellan test procedure 9.0 maximum

* Modified Test Method D-512, Procedure C, to improve accuracy.
** Modified Test Method D-1688, Procedure D to reduce chance of violent reaction.
*** Only denaturants for fuel ethanol shall be unleaded gasoline or rubber
hydrocarbon solvent. Hydrocarbons with endpoints
above 437 deg F shall
not be used.
All fuel ethanol will contain an acceptable corrosion inhibitor
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