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Laminating Pouch Film (also called card protection latex membrane or latex on the photo) is made by advanced craft and technique. The key material is special raw material imported from overseas. The compound layer and hot protecting layer can stick very well. The color is beautiful and luster and saturation is high. It is water- proof and anti-corrosion, thorough and durable. It can be used widely in all kinds of photos, licenses, factory signboard and etc.
Bopp thermal film is a new kind of material. It is produced by advanced craft andtechnology. The main raw materials are imported from abroad. The product can solve the problems of pollution, safety and quality. It is safe, clean and has no posion and strange smell. It can stick easily. The operation is simple; no solvent, no deliberate drying. Moreover it saves more enegy and it is environmental-friendly. The product is glossy and saturation is high. It can be used widely in pictorial magazine, exquisite paper, colorful box, swinging signboard, and the packages of medicines, cigarettes, and wines. Our product has many advantages:it can bring you many social and economic benefits.

Safe There is no solvent, it is out of fire.
No pollution When used there is no strange smell, no poisonous gas.
Clean Meet the cleaning standard of food package. .
Shine The product is glossy, shiny, has high color saturation.
Firm It is strongly sticky, cannot be folded, pressed, and do not bubble easily.
Save energy There is no need to use drying process, It can save 2/3 energy less than traditional oily membrane.
Simple It can be used easily without professional technique.
Fast It can stick anything immediately, and is fit for fast production.
Widely used It can be used to stick all kinds of paper product, material combination of paper and aluminum or something paper-like.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200 tons per month
Minimum Order Quantity
5 tons
Warranty Coverage