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Name: Red Star Apple
Price: Negotiation
Origin: Yantai, Shandong
Class: One Size: 88,100,113,125,138, 150,
Brand: Green Nature
Availability: August & September
Packing: 20kgs/ctn
Product Introduction : The figure of Red Star Apple is moderately middling and big since their average weight is 180g and even the biggest one is 650g. Whats more, the shape index of this fruit is over 0.95 and the highest one is 1.24. The outline of this apple is oval taper and the color of its skin is all dense red. Red Star Apple has lots of advantages such as smooth and light coat, thick seedcase etc. At the beginning of picking, the pulp of this apple is virescent and white, it gradually becomes yellowy white after storage. The soft tissue is relatively slightly rough, crispy and crowded juicy, which has the sweet smell of Huangyuanshuai Apple. If the Gala Apple is picked too earlier, it has a little bit of acerbity. While Galas storage period is longer than Red Star Apples. The soluble content of this fruit is 10%--12% when initial plucking, its content will be increased to above 1% after storing half month.

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Green Nature
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