Sell Selling Silver Mica Capacitor ( Suntan)

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Selling Silver Mica Capacitor ( Suntan)

Detailed Description:

Suntan offer good support for Mica Capacitor. It is our TS23 series.
Competitive price / Short lead time / Full range of type and capacitance

Capacitance range :1pF to 22000pF
Tolerance : +/-0.5pF . +/-1%, +/-2% , +/-5%, +/-10% , +/-20%
Rated Voltage :DC 50V, 100V,300V,500V
Operating temperature : -55C to 125C

Suntan is manufacturer of full range of capacitors, including Film Capacitor, Electrolytic Capacitor, Ceramic Capacitor, Tantalum Capacitor etc. In order to meet market demands, we also offer Varistor, Crystal, Trimming Potentiometer, Switch etc. Welcome to contact Suntan's professional sales for business.