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Urease Inhibitor

Specific Feed additive for cow, meat cattle and sheep
[material constitution]: Urease inhibitor 5%, calcium carbonate 95%
[Net weigh]: 25Kg
[Function]: Specific urease inhibitor for rumen micro-organism, can make urine decompose velocity decrease by 55.3%, availability efficiency improve 16.7%, the efficiency that protein in the urine diary feed converses into the protein of rumen micro-organism improves by 31% from 63% to 94%, which is similar to that beans and diary feed (about 97%) . The product can take the place of the gross proteins 2530% in the diary feed, so it is obvious to save feed of sth. Shaped like a cake, bring down the cost, and improve the productive performance of cattle and sheep that is on low nutrition condition.
[Usage and dosage]: To be mixed feed, mixed 100-500g of 5% enzyme inhibitor into 1000Kg diary feed, or: cow, meat cattle 1-3g /per day, head; sheep 0.2-1.0g/per day, head;
[Storage]: Preservation under sun-shading, cool, dry and sealed place.
[Period of validity]: 18 months
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
3,000 Units Per Month
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T/T in advance or L/C at sight
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FOB any Chinese Port