Sell Selling Varistors ( Suntan )

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Selling Varistors (Suntan)
Monolithic Multilayer Chip Varistors---Dipped & SMD
Dipped Features
Fast response to the rapidly rising surge voltage
High performance clamping voltage characteristics
Broad products range. Varistor Voltage : 18V to1800V
Transistor , diode, IC, thyristor and triac semiconductor protection.
Surge protection in consumer electronics.
Surge protection in industrial electronics.
Surge protection in communication, measuring and controller electronics.
Electrostatic discharge and noise spike suppression
Relay and electromagnetic value surge absorption
SMD Features
Monolithic Multilayer Chip Varistors-SMD
1. Provide high prductivity, excellent product quality, and outstanding reliability with advanced SMT type.
2. High transient current capability.
3. Wide working voltage range. (VW(DC) =3.5 to 68V)
4. Good solderability. (Ni, Sn plating)
1. Communication
2. Computer and Peripheral
3. Consumer Product.