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Main Applications: The water cutting technology widely used in decoration, Glass, chinaware, Marble, Stainless steel, Leather rubber, Manufacturing machine, Automobile mould, Textile paper making, Aviation, War industry. And it has special advantage and characteristics :
1 , All kinds of complex design can be produced by numerical control machine.
2 , Cold incision, without hot distortion and hot domino effect.
3 , No pollution, poisonous air and powder.
4 , Processing high rigidity materials e. g. leather , rubber , Diaper.
5 , Only way to process composite materials, friable materials.
6 , Smooth incision, no residue, need not repair.
7 , Finishing the drilling, incision & molding by once.
8 , Low operation cost.
9 , High Automatic process.
10 , The machines can work on 24 hours

Model WR-1313
Desk size 1300*1300mm
Precision 0.001mm
Work pressure 100~380Mpa
Nozzle diameter 0.15~0.3mm
Max tonnage 3L/min
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