Sell Selling bopp thermal film(glossy1213)

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Product name: Bopp glossy film
Type: 1213
Total thickness: 25 um
Basic Material thickness: 12 um
Plastic layer thickness: 13 um
Quota m2/ton: 43210 m2/ton
Quota g/m2: 23.14 g/m2
Special features: The price is low. It can be used in thin paper and good in preventing the paper from rolling up.
Width: 200---1520mm
Length: 1000M---2500M
Diameter: inner diameter 76mm---outer diameter 92mm
Connection: less than 1
Package: Rolling package(Upside and downside round plastic cover, outside board) Paper box (export specification)

Product using parameter
Laminating equipment: Dry latex covering machine; oily (wet) latex covering machine
Hot roll temperature: Currently printing: 90---100 special printing; 100---115
Pressure: 12---20 Mpa
Speed: 8---20M/min
Remark: Special printing product means thick ink, dark color, more water, large amount of paper.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200 tons per month
Minimum Order Quantity
5 tons
Warranty Coverage