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We are provides of Semi Active GSM monitoring system. The STN-INT-GSX Semi Active GSM Monitoring System has universal operating capability. This system can be used to intercept communications from any GSM service providers in the world irrespective of the type of encryption being used.

In case of A5/2, the system is completely passive and does not need any Encryption key info to decipher the communication. In case of A5/1, the system comes with a Kc Retriever to obtain the Kc (Ciphering Key) from the network. As soon as the system Semi Active GSM Monitoring System identifies that the target communication-taking place is using A5/1 encryption, the Kc retriever in the system becomes active.

The Kc retriever automatically acts as a genuine BTS and forces the suspects mobile to register with it, during the periodic location update. The Kc Retriever communicates with the suspects mobile using A5/2 encryption, in the process the Semi Active GSM Monitoring System calculates the Kc. The Kc Retriever also asks the mobile to authenticate itself with its IMSI, by doing so the system also obtains the suspects IMSI.

Both the Kc and IMSI information is stored in a database. The Kc Retriever now logoff the suspects mobile from its BTS. The Suspect is then allowed to communicate with the Actual Service Providers network. With the Kc in the database the system can now decipher all communications encrypted using A5/1.

The STN-INT-GSX Semi Active GSM Monitoring System does not require the service providers SIM for operation. Unlike the other active system where the monitoring agency is billed for the forwarding of targets calls, which can raise suspicion form the target due to reduced bill amount (since the call charges are borne by the monitoring agency)

The STN-INT-GSX Semi Active GSM Monitoring System deciphers A5/1 and A5/2 ciphering algorithms online. The number of channels, being received and recorded by the system, can be from 4 & 6 for one control computer.


Real-time monitoring of GSM communications encrypted A5/1 and A5/2 Ciphering algorithms.

Universal Operating Capability  The system can be used to intercept communications from any GSM service providers in the world.

100% target call monitor rate: The system can monitor all communications of the target (SMS and Voice) till he/she is within its coverage range.

The system is capable of extracting the Suspects actual Mobile Number from the network without any help from the service provider.

The system can be configured to ignore certain subscribers from being intercepted. This is particularly useful in case of ignoring the operators cell phone during an operation.

The system features a selective jamming capability, using which the operator can disable certain services of the suspect like Outgoing Call, Incoming Call, SMS, SS etc. can be jammed.

The STN-INT-GSX system does not require the service providers SIM for operation.

Inbuilt Automatic paging system to obtain suspect related information.

No limit on the number of suspects that can be added to the target list.

Target list can be created using PLMN, IMSI or Suspects Mobile Number.

On line monitoring up to 6 duplex channels. Interception Monitoring and logging of GSM- 900/1800/1900 communication standards in stationary or in mobile environments.

Automatic tuning of the Receivers, with a possibility of scanning and recognition of control channels and communication system parameters.

Monitoring of both forward and reverse channels (duplex conversation) .

Direction Finding Equipment can be integrated with the system. A digital map of the location can also be integrated.

Several STN-INT-GSX systems can be configured in a LAN environment.

On-Line listing of the intercepted Cell phone calls.

Possibility of round-the-clock operation in an auto mode without the operator involvement.

Provision of reliable reception of the information from channels of cellular communication systems with possibilities of noise-resistant coding.

Unlike other Active systems where the suspects calls are routed through the system, the STN-INT-GSX works is semi active mode, where the suspect communicates with the normal network .

The called party or the suspect will not see any change in caller ID (CLI)

The system can monitor both Incoming and Outgoing calls

The system maintains the encryption being used by the network.

The system is transparent to the suspect and the Service Provider.

Simplicity of maintenance, which does not require a deep knowledge, either in the field of computers, or in the field of cellular communication systems.

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