Sell Semi-Auto Biochemical Analyzer

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It is a newly designed semi-auto biochemical analyzer which possesses the following mentioned excellent characteristics:
Long life span, plastic cover, streamline design, Advanced electronic protection system to prevent the data from unexpected power failure.
In-built thermal printer to print quality controls spectrum graphics and test results.

Wavelength 330-800nm
Precision of wavelength 11nm
Width of spectrum 6nm
Absorbency 0-3.0ABS
Definition Display 1Mabs, In-built: 0.1mABS
Linearity 1ABS<=0.5%
Repetition 2mABS
Stability Less than 3Mabs/hour after 30 minutes warming-up
Measurement time 0-9999 seconds
Delay time 0-9999 seconds
Memory 150 inspection programs, over1500 test results
Sample volume 100-9999ul
Cuvette 32ul
Cross contamination <=1%
Display Screen Large visual angle LCD display
Power dissipation 100W
Condition of Goods
Model Number