Sell Semi-Automatic Wrapper

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Features: Stretch wrapping machibes are used to wrap stretch film around products loaded on pallet. Film provides extra support while the products is being trasportation and stored, to protect them from incline, and failing. Also, wrapped products cab be easily to seperated and indentified. Stretch pallet wrapper is extensively used in chemical industy, electronic industry, building materials, home appliances, papermaking, foodstuff & drink ect.

Technical Features: 1. Main control system:utilize PLC control system. 2. Frequency Converter:control the speed of turning and film rack. 3. Slow starting device:when the turntable too quickly, products on it may drop and slip, slow starting equipment solves this problem. 4. Partial extra packaging device:special designed to handle partial extra to ensure the stabiity and save stretch film. 5. Auto self-protect stitch:the machine will be damaged, if the height control switch has fault, while the film rack is going up to the vertex without control. So the selt-protect switch is essential. 6. Photoelectric check device:photoelectric sensor can check the height of pallet automatically. 7. Turnable orientation function:auto return of turnable ensures the accurate position of it.