Sell Semi-auto Pasting Machine (bz-115/130 Dualpurpose Type)

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The functions and character:
1. Main body of machine head adopts cast-iron structure and will never be deformed, which can ensure it not to affect the precision during the process of application, maintenance and change of units.
2. It features in accurate position matching, level and fastness, its advantages specially can be shown on paper pasting between high-class paperboard and ordinary paperboard.
3. It adds an adjustable device for thick or thin paper, which can adjust the laminating of paperboard, three-layer or five-layer tunnel paper and can be operated conveniently.
4. Paper-feeding part adopts photoelectric control, which can ensure synchro and accurate laminating of base paper and surface paper, therefore, reduce waste of paper.
5. It adopts speed-adjusted system through frequency conversion, which can realize non-pole speed adjustment.
6. Glue-supply part adopts automatic cycle device of liquid-position reaction.
7. Glue-coating part adopts adjustable dual-roller design, which features in high precision, even glue coating and glue saving.