Sell Semi-automatic Transparent Mask Machine

Semi-automatic Transparent Mask Machine You May Also Be Interested In: fold up semi transparent transparent mask
Package dimension(mm) length:40~250

width: 20~100


Package speed: 10~20 parcels/minute

(remark:according to the worker's skill)

Power source: 220 Volt

Power consumption: 1.5KW

Weight: 200(more or less) Kilogram

Outline dimension(mm) : 1600W800W800
The machine is elaborately designed and modified by absorbing the foreign successful experiences of the state of the arts equipments, so that the automatic feeding, film-cutting, boxed-pushing, fold-up on both sizes and heat-seal of the packaging articles could be achieved with the adoption of such machine. This machine boasts high performance and neat&perfection seal up, therefore the products packed through such machine has the fuction of anti-false, anti-damp and anti-dust. With compact structure, simple operation and covernient maintain, this machine, through a few components replacement, is able to conduct the package of different products. This machine is widely supplied to package such as medicine, cosmetics, healty products, foods and so on.
This machine is vastly used as the 3D hyaline membrane wrapping of varous square single articles in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthy products and food sectors
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