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Semi-automatic Folder Gluer mainly used for pre-pack packaging and decorating industry cartons, folding carton, paste into boxes. Nien aircraft to the end of visco-side mainly from the paper, folded, paste plastic, artificial pressure to the receipt of all finishing achieved a synthesis of automation and manual complementary advantages, the aircraft parts used pneumatic structure, the adjustment of parts used innovative design, significantly shortened the time to adjust, even with the pressure , regulating convenient, safe and reliable, and precise.

Technical characteristics:

 Fast Light automatic paper to use large aluminum alloy, lightweight materials such as nylon oil production aesthetic Light flexible.
 mainframe and the Department of Motor pressure using a VVVF, smooth operation.
 Lance patent on the plastic adjustment convenient and practical, such as at the end of the hook on the different types of plastic products once completed.
 under the pressure of a unique design, both space-saving and convenient production operation.
 most of the electrical components used system products, reliable performance.
Main Specifications:
Apply paper A, B, C, Eand AB 300 grams above corrugated oxboard
Box form
General edge stickers, affixed at the end
Max. size

Min. size

Adhesive agent Cold glue
Max. speed

3.5KW (Free Air Compressor)

Main power

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Minimum Order Quantity
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Terms of Sale
FOB Tianjin port
Warranty Coverage
one year