Sell Semi-automatic piston filler(thin liquid)

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Single Head Piston Filler ( Thin Liquids )

Product Description :The HF-CK-S SERIES PISTON FILLER is a highly versatile, operator simplistic, and robust filling machine. This volumetric piston filler draws liquids and other low viscosity products such as oils or juices directly from a tank or drum, eliminating the need for a hopper. This model and also be used as a metering pump to dispense a controlled volume. Disassembly and cleaning in a matter of minutes and typically no tools are required. This system is very accurate and repeatable.
The operator drops a line of flexible tubing into a drum or tank. Then the volume of fill hand wheel is adjusted to the desired setting. The operator places an empty container under the filling nozzle, presses the foot pedal and the exact quantity is drawn from the drum and dispensed into the container. The machine operates one fill at a time and shuts off until the foot pedal is again pressed.


The APS PISTON FILLING MACHINES are used in many liquid filling applications and in numerous industries to include the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, personal care, specialty chemical, and food manufacturing. These machines are HIGHLY VERSTATILE and generally used to fill many free flowing liquid products that are uniform in structure and composition throughout. Product cylinders are made to customers product(s) and container specifications.

Stainless Steel Product Cylinder(s)
Drip Free Bottom Close Nozzle(s)
Foot Pedal
Stainless Steel Base
Stainless Steel (316L) and Food Grade Contact Parts
Fill Volume Adjustments
Product Suction and Dispensing Speed Adjustment
Sanitary Quick Disconnect Stainless Steel Connections
All Pneumatic Operation
Brand Name
Model Number