Sell Semi-hermetic Rrefigerating Compressor

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XUEMEI brand 2HP-100HP & low-middle-high temperature semi-hermetic refrigerating compressors 2HP-7.5HP 2-cylinder A2F type compressors; 2HP-5HP 2-cylinder A2L type compressors; 7.5HP-10HP 2-cylinder A2M type compressors; 7.5HP-20HP 3-cylinder A3R type compressors; 15HP-30HP 4-cylinder A4V type compressors; 25HP-50HP 6-cylinder A6W type compressors; 50HP-100HP butt joint of 2 A6W compressors; 7.5HP-13HP 2-stage & 3-cylinder compressors; 20HP-30HP 2-stage & 6-cylinder compressors.