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HJZ-2C Semiconductor Laser Therapy System is features by small dimensions, light weight, unnecessary water cool, low operating voltage, long operating lift and so on. The wave length situated in imbibed window of the human body tissue (The inner max depth in human body of 630~830mm wave length laser is 5-7cm. When the power is 100mW, the depth in bone is 3mm, the max. Damage is 20W/cm2, is 20thimes of He-Ne laser) . The safety coefficient is very high, It create a new situation in the medicine clinical practice and has great latent potentialities.

Laser Effect:

650~8230nm Laser irradiation can be raise DNA/RNA ratio In tissues cell, advance cell regeneration and grow of new blood-vessel. It Lead to regeneration of new epithelial tissue, improve blood circulation, spur protein synzyme and advance wound heal up.

Irradiation part of nerves can be change of electric potential, changed permeability of protein molecule lead to dissociate of ca and Na molecules for advance repair of dandify nerves.

Inhibitory nerves excitability caused seal of radial ganglion, spur organism produce and release matter of morphine type, reduction part 5-hydroxylat content and excitability of nerves ending, These synthetically factors produced effect of "Light seal "Quick stop pain, we call him "stop pain light".

The apparatus be possessed of reduce inflammation and develop immunity from disease, due to reduced permeability of blood-vessel wall, lighten speed and level of inflammation, alleviated congestion and edema, active function of huge phagocyte system, increased immunity of whole and part body.

Force ease pain:
Inhibitory excitability of nerve ending, advance release of ease pain matter. Resistance radial ganglion.

Fast reduce inflammation:
Alleviate congestion and edema of tissue, improve blood circulation and effect of resist infect.

Tissue Repair:
Advance grow of new blood-vessels and tissue regeneration, advance protein compound and repair of dandify nerves.

Biological adjust:
Two-way adjust of blood cell, develop immunity from disease. Adjust internal system.

Scope of Application and Treatment
Disease of wounds heal, inflammation, ache, infect, acute and slow dermatitis acute and slow pelvic infection, dentine disease and so on. This apparatus is used extensively in department of ache dermatology, physiotherapy, neurology, urology, orthopedics, stomatilogy, and gynecology department.

Major Technical Specifications:
Laser Operation matter: GaAlAs
Laser wavelength: 808+ - 5nm
Output Power: 0~500mw, adjustable
Working Mode: Continuous
Timer of Digital Display: 0~99' 99"
Display mode: Digital color display ( Time and laser power )
Output mode: Focusing, Treatment Stick ( straight and crooked stick )
Power supply: (AC) 220V, 50Hz
Contour Dimensions: 430*300*90mm
Weight: 4kg
Supply Capacity
1000 units per month
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
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