Sell Send and receive SMS from your PC !

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Mobile phones are great when you are mobile, not when you are at your desk. When you are busy at work with your key board and mouse, you certainly do not want to pick up your cell phone and answer that call. You don't like your phone bill either !

What if you can leave your cell phone on your desktop from 9-5 when you are at work and save a fortune in your call charges and time spent on answering and making calls ?

With SWEDECT9-5, you don't need to pick up your cell phone to answer the call! You get complete hands free freedom to answer or carry on working. In fact you will start SAVING on your calls even before you realise it. Here is why. To start with, you can

Imagine the fun when you will be able to cut and paste your SMS messages ? We use it everyday in our customer contact and feel the difference.

When a call comes in, you can conveniently reply by a very short text message from your key board and save on call costs.

With SWEDECT9-5 you can not only send SMS messages from your key board and receive it on your PC screen but can convert your PC screen to a blown up version of your phone window.