Sell Senlan SB70G frequency inverter

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200v 0.55~5.5kw;400v 4~1100kw;690v 18.5~1000kw;1140v 55~1000kw

SB70 series frequency inverter is a new-generation customizable variable speed drive developed independently by SenLan Science & Technology Corp. , Ltd. , which features low noise, high performance and multiple functions. It leads the motor to achieve high operation accuracy, wide range of speed and torque control with its rotor field-oriented vector control technology.

SB70G can be applied to various equipments that include draw benches, mixers, extruders, winding machines, compressors, fans, pumps, grinding machines, belt conveyors, hoists and centrifuges in many industries.

SB70G series is wide application is attributed to its modular design and various options. It offers integrated solutions to various industrial needs, which effectively reduce the system cost and improve the system reliability. Furthermore, the users can carry out the secondary development according to their own needs.

Specifications of SB70G:

Integrated high-precision rotor field-oriented vector control algorithm makes SB70G series the ability of controlling 290% instantaneous torque.

The unique multi-mode PLC operation function is especially suitable for concrete pipe pile making and industrial washing machines.

The practical multi-speed selection function which includes binary code modedirect selection modesum mode and number mode is particularly applicable to heating & ventilation industry.

The powerful process PID function includes two sets of PID parameters, and the parameters adopt multiple smooth transition modes. Its multiple correction modes for tension and synchronous control enable SB70 to satisfy the requirements of various industries such as draw benches, textile, paper making and printing & dying etc. Its free PID function is also able to perform as a substitute for exterior PID controller.

SB70G can satisfy various customer needs with its powerful user programmable module and the abundance of extension options.

SB70G can be customized according to different requirements.
CE ISO9001&3A2000 14001