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It is indeed pleasure in introducing ourselves, We are one of the Leading Growers, Processor & Exporter of various herbals and herbal extracts from India. One of the product is as below.

Senna Leaves: The botanical name of this product is CASSIA ANGUSTIFOLIA. It is a small perennial under shrub below 1.2 Mtrs in hight with ascendig branches. . The leaves are large, compound and pinnate about +/- 5 Cms long on tops and bear 5-8 sets of leaves each on a very small stalk. The flowers are bright yellow in color arranged in auxilliary / sub-terminal effect. The pods are slightly curved 3.5-6.5 cms long and 1.5 cms wide(broad) . It contains alkaloid called Sennocides which 2.5 to 3.0 %.

APPLICATION: Perhaps , you are aware, plant based drug production has become an important segment of pharmaceutical industries and phytochemicals are extensively used in the production of the many a modern drugs. The laxative principles of Sennocides extracted from Senna Leaves/Pods are important ingredients. It acts by increasing peristaltic movements by the colon. Its tincture, concentrate and powder have wide usage in Pharmaceuticals industries as Laxative Stimulant, Verimfuge, Cathartic and Specially suitable for habitual constipation.

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