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The separate pressurized solar water heater compose of solar collector, storage tank, controller, working station and installation parts.
Please note, we have got the CE and CCC certificates for all of our products.
1. Vacuum tubes: Common tubes or Three-high tubes , with heat pipe in it
2. Outer tank: Steel plate , thickness: 0.326mm
3. Inner tank (copper coils in it) : food grade stainless steel SUS304-2B, thickness: 1.2 to 1.5mm
4. Tank capacity: 100L to 500L
5. Pressure bearing: 0.6 bar
6. Insulation layer: Polyurethane foam , thickness: 50mm to 60mm
7. Support: Galvanized plate or stainless steel, thickness: 1.2mm to 1.5mm
8. Heat preservation: 72 to 80 hours
9. Hail resistance: 25mm
10. Cold resistance: -35-40 degree

1) Collector separates with the storage tank. The tank can be put anywhere
of the house
2) And the collector can be put on both tilted roof and flat roof
3) Module design, arbitrary combination, harmony with the building perfectly
4) Intelligent control and automatic operation
5) Anti-freeze: no water inside the tubes when it works
6) The system controller has the anti-freezing function is that the temperature
circulation will operate while it reaches the fixed temperature
7) Multifunction: Bathing, washing, domestic heating
8) Workable at anytime and enjoyable

Working principle:
1) When the discrepant temperature of the solar collector and water tank reaches
the set value, the controller shall start the circulation pump automatically
2) The circulation pump makes heat-conducting liquid circulate automatically
3) The heat-conducting liquid transfers heat to water by heat exchanger in
the water tank
4) In case the temperature of the water tank does not reach Tmax, then
start the auxiliary heating device
5) If discrepant temperature of the collector and the water tank does not reach the
set value, the circulation pump shall be shut automatically
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