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Sericin is a kind of protein surrounding fibroin (silk protein) , yellowy powder and soluble in water with PH value between 5 to 7 and positive ninhydrin reaction.
Application characteristics:
1. In sericin, about 80% of the amino acid has hydrophilic lateral group, about 1/3 is serine whose water absorption is 50 times more than that of glycerin. So sericin, as raw material of cosmetics, has excellent moisture absorption and Anti-microbe ability.
2. Sericin protein can generate membrane on hair surface, which has nice luster, feels well and spring, and is also suitable for hair shaping. It can prevent chemicals adhering to hair and avoid the harms to hair too.
3. Sericin has good ability of anti-oxidation and can restrain the activity of polyhphenol oxidase (PPO) in food. It is also a good natural anti-oxidant especially for rich grease food, cream and milk products.
4. Sericin has been widely used in fibre coating, such as under-dress, bed sheet and leather, due to its skin caring, anti-microbe, and comfort effects.
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