Sell Series Ye1fan Cooled Squirrel-Cage High-Efficiency Three-Phase Induction Motors

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General Description
Series YE1 80~280(IP55) motors are totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel-cage high-efficiency three-phase induction motors which are developed, designed and manufactured by our company. The efficiency index of the motors is up to the European Eff1 High Efficiency Standard Australian AS/NZ 1359. 5: 2004 Standard and the energy-saving estimate value specified in GB18613-Restriction Value of the Energy Efficiency and Energy-saving Estimate Value for Medium and small Sized Three-Phase Induction Motors. For YE1 high-efficiency motors, the efficiency can be increased by about 3% than that or common motors, The performance ability can reach the international advanced level. The motors can be used for blowers, pumps and the other machines, which operate with full load for a long time. It is beneficial to the customers both for energy-saving and environment protection. The output ratings and mounting dimensions of the motors are perfectly in accordance with IEC72-1. The motors frame size H160 and above are equipped with an attachment to have lubricating grease drained or replenished without stopping the motors. And the spaces for thermal resistance and electric resistant heat tracing are left for the customers choices. Insulation class of the motors is Class F and temperature-rise on stator windings should not exceed 80K. The aluminium cast technology method is used for rotor making. Thus, , the motors have a large margin of temperature rise and s long life performance ability The safe reliability can also be increased.

The rating range of the motors is as follows: Output Power: 0. 37-90Kw
Frame Size: H80-280
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Series Ye1fan Cooled Squirrel-Ca
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