Sell Serrated Gasket

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Serrated Gaskets includes:
AG 1601 basic type Serrated Gasket
AG 1602 Serrated Gasket with outer ring (Integrated)
AG 1603 Serrated Gasket with outer ring (Separating)

Serrated Metallic Gasket is the preferred gasket when improved performance at low seating stresses is required. It features excellent anti-blow-out properties linked with the reliably of a solid metal-to-metal seal combined with a soft sealing face to provide a tighter joint. It is particularly suitable for applications where high temperature, pressures and fluctuating conditions are encountered. Non-metal cover layers ensure that flanges are not damaged, even at extreme loads. This gasket is an ideal replacement for problem applications associated with jacketed gaskets, for heat exchangers, vessels and reactors and various flange connections.

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