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The Metals, Finishes & Products in which we are dealing are. . . . . . .


Metals:- Brass Ware, Aluminum Ware, Copper Ware, Iron Ware, Stainless Steel, Glass Ware, Bone & Horn, Wood Items, Stones, Beads & Beaded Items, Canes, Bamboo, Mosaic, Jute & Ceramics Items etc with different finishing like. .

Finishes:- E. P. N. S (Electro Plating Nickel & Silver) , Copper Plating, Gold Plating, Copper Antique, Silver Antique, Brass Antiques, Matt Finish, Buffing Finish, Patina, Powder Coating, Pewter, Bronze Finish, Colour of different Antique Finishes, Black Nickel, Lacquer, Paints etc.

Products:- Flower Vase, Lamps & Shades, Photo Frames & Mirrors, Cutlery, Gardening Products, Animals, Statues & Figurines, Furniture, Lightings, Wall Items, Christmas Decorations, Halloween Items, Hardware Items, Nautical, Trays & Plates, Wine Sets, Hotel Items & Table top Items.

Jewelry: - Custom Jewelery, Fashion Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, Ethical Jewelry & Religious Jewelry and all in vogue.

Home Furnishing: - Bed Sheet, Curtains, Pillow Covers, Cushion Covers, Quilts, Table Covers, Sofa Covers, Mats etc.

Engineering Items:- Hand Tools, Spanners, wrenches, Nozzles, etc.