Sell Servomotor Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine

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This series is characterized with energy efficiency and enviroment protection. The machine range will raise your molding operation to the next level of efficiency and precision. Its unique design provides energy and water saving function for standard injection molding machines. This series close the gap between fully hydraulic and fully electrical machine.


New servo drive concept

Complete closed-loop control

20%-80%less energy consumption compared to conventional hydraulic machine

Latest control technology from KEBA

Dynamic AC-servomotor with a response time of only 0.05seconds

Lower noise levels, particular in low speed application.

Drive system:

Equiped with rotary encoder and a pressure sensor, the pressure flow state will be transmitted to the controller, the command of which will be sent out to be the efficient synchronous servomotor to change the rotation and torque accordingly. The corresponding flow and pressure adjustment ensures the highest quality and precision of plastic parts produced. With quick response and steady capability, servo gear shift dynamical control system has equiped with pressure feedback device with high precision and sensitivity, which forms a close-loop precision control and provide products with high stability for customers.