Sell Set of Equipments Cream Vacuum Emulsification

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The machine is used to produce the cream products in the cosmetic factory and medicine factory and especially used to emulsification of peptic material with highcontent of solids.
The machine has easy operation, steady capability, good homogeneity, high efficiency,
reasonable structure, small volume and high automation level and easily clean

Model TFZRJ turbine emulsifying machine is a coaxial and triple type mixer, suitable to stable homogenizing and emulsifying, the finished granular is very small. The quality of emulsifying depends on the disperse of the granular on the preparation stage. The smaller the granular is, the weaker the trend of accumulation to the surface becomes, thus the smaller the opportunity for the emulsifying to be broken becomes. Relying on mixing of reversed impeller, under the condition of homogenizing turbine and vacuum status, you can get the high-quality effect of emulsifying and mixing.
Model TFZRJ turbine emulsifying machine has very good performance in the aspect of insuring high quality of the finished material.