Sell Sethoxydim

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CAS Number: 74051-80-2
Chemical name: 2-[1-(ethoxyimino) butyl]-5-[2-ethylthio]propyl]-3- hydroxy-2-cyclohexen-1-one
Formula: C17H29NO3S
Molecular weight: 327.50
Appearance: Sethoxydim is an amber-colored, oily, odorless liquid
Specification: 92% TECH 12.5%EC
Herbicide Family: Cyclohexanedione
Target Species: annual and perennial grasses
Forms: not available as a salt or ester
Formulations: EC, SL
Mode of Action: Lipid synthesis inhibitor
Water Solubility: 4,000 ppm
Adsorption potential: low
Primary degradation mech: Microbial metabolism and photolysis
Average Soil Half-life: 5 days
Mobility Potential: high
Dermal LD50 for rabbits: >5,000 mg/kg
Oral LD50 for rats: >2,676 mg/kg
LC50 for bluegill sunfish: 100 mg/L