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Name: LZW-F Buried sewage processing equipment
Item Number: Pro20093161651736
Model: LZWF
Manufacturer: LZEEP

Use and brief introduction
The facilities with all equipments of the LZW-F type all establishes in some box bodies, the box body needs according to the customer of material creation, each body use (not rust) steel pipe or 4 BS tube allied connect, and adopt the chemical engineering department recommendation product chlorine Hung to turn to gather ethylene antisepsis coating , the antisepsis life span generally can reach to a ten years above.
LZW-F type equipments mainly is to life sewage and likeness of the processing of industrial organic sewage , its corpus craft adoption living creature processing the technique contact oxidize a method.

Be applicable to guest house , hotel , sanatorium, hospital , school , market , live small area , village , wharf , station , airport , factory , mineral mountain, tour in the ship lake to order , scenic area etc , . life wastewater treatment with life sewage is similar to of various work.
The processing of the industry organic sewage.
That product pass be willing to be the class authenticate . Get national spark , lighted torch plan item, national new product.

1. the equipments can call over up, the half cover up , or place above dont press the standard form alignment in the earths surface, and need to be establish according to the geography.
2. the equipments cover up a ground of constitution basic dont cover surface to accumulate , dont ting need to cover building and adopting warm het preservation facilities upper part can make green turn ground , parking lot , roadetc.
3. the tiny bore Pu spirit use Germen Ao the limited company of the system engineering to produce especially of film windpipe way Chong oxygen machine, dont stop , the Chong oxygen efficiency Gao, Pu spirit effective , economy energy province electricity.
4. adoption the integral whole turn a design and cove little, investment province, circulate expenses is low . Provide with full-automatic control system.
5. the craft be new , effect the good and dirty mire be little; Operate a maintenance convenience ; The noise is small, the service life be long, can circulate a 10 in row above for year.

Specification and main technique parameter

Model LZW-F
0.5 1 3 5 10 20 30
Capacity(cubic meter per hour) 0.5 1 3 5 10 20 30
Draught fan Model HC-25C HC-40LS HC-50S HC80S HC80S HC-100S
(Just for reference) Power(KW) 0.55 1.5 4 4*2 5.5*2
Pump Model AS10-2CB AS10-2CB AS10-2CB AS10-2CB
(Just for reference) Power(KW) 1.1 2.2
Input water BOD5 mg/L
Output water BOD5 mg/L
Equipment size(mm)
1500 1900 2400 2700 2600 2700 3000
H1 1000 1300 1800 2100 1800 1900 2100
H2 1000 1300 1700 2100 1900 2100 2300
Dn1 80 80 80 80 100 100 100
Dn2 80 80 100 100 100 125 125

1. when the input water BOD5 mg/L<= 200mg/L , then the output water BOD5 mg/L <= 30L.
2. check-hole height to be 200; H: Equipment Height (In and out of air intake height more than 1500) ; H1: Inlet Ground Clearance; H2:Outlet pipe Ground Clearance; Dn1:Nominal diameter of inlet: Dn2: Nominal diameter of outlet pipe.
Order the beard know
(A) equipments material the structure as please a customer a choice
. stainless steel structure
. the Q235 A steel plate and glass steel reunite structure
-Reinforced concrete structure
. the Q235 A steel plate structure
-Glass steel structure
. the structure of PVC whole Su
(B) is the effect which promises that the equipments is in physically appliedly
Ask the customer provides the following data:
1. processing water measure , raw water fluid matter and water request:
2. the constitution condition of equipments, pass in and out pipe line directions a constitution etc.
3. other special requests.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200 units per mounth
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
28 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
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