Sell Sewage purification trough

Sewage purification trough
Sewage purification trough.
Flexible design, beautiful appearance, smooth surface, molded in a time, excellent technics, simple and quikly, etc
Low moisture absorption, waterproof, no leaking, no rust and no lichen, easily to repair and move. It can hightlight its superorities in adverse weather.
Import anti-aging materials and Japanese technics which can defend radiation, resist corrosion, acid and alkali, withstand shake and shock well, outstanding mechanics capability, long-lasting as long as 30~50 years. possess good value of money.
High strength-to-weight ratio, high strength in mechanism which is 1.7 times than steel, however, the weight itself is 70% less than steel.
Different colors and designs, can product different kinds of colorful products with transparence and translucence. feel freely to design the products figure. We can also product in lot or single item.