Sell Sewage treatment equipment

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The sewage treatment equipment is fully automatic facility using chemical techniques to treat with sewage. According to the ciculating principle, it makes sewage into clean water to recycle.
The equipment is designed and manufactured in consideration of processing effect and complete cycle operation. Secure management, perfect mantenance, proper examination and correct operation, can help extend the useful life of the equipment , and, highly efficient treatment effect can also be achived.
1. Fully automatic(also can be semi-automatic) , simple operation, nice treatment effect, water disposed is clean without odor.
2. Saving investment and operational costs (costs labor, costs of operation, costs of drugs) .
3. Adopting non-toxic chemicals for treatment.
4. The equipment is made of special anti-corrosion materials.
5. The system is easy to operate.
6. The equipment is small in size, covers small footprint and can be relocated to areas in need.
7. Water cycle utilization rate is over 90%, and long-term recycled water has no need to change in two year.
8. The equipment has stable performance and has over 10-year working life.
Domestic sewage, printing and dyeing industry, lake water, fish ponds, chemical plants, food processing, pharmaceutical, washing market, washing enterprises, papermaking, oil, steel, electricity, sauna baths and other watered industry.