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Sewing Machine Parts
One Professional Manufacturer & Export
Sewing Machine and Spare Parts In China Many years. We deal in all kinds of machine
And spare for chinese and world famous sewing machine.
Available to supply the spare parts of the following sewing machine
Juki: 5550, 8700, 8500 LH-3168, 1162, 1152, 1182, 515, 3128
1850, 1900, 1903, 781, 771, 373, 1190, 522, MS380
MO-2516, MO-3616, MO-3316, MO-3300 MO-3900
Brother00 842, 845, 872, 875, 101, 735, 814, 430, B551, B351
Pegasus: L32, L52, W500, W600, W562, W664, M700, M600,
EX3200, EX5200
Siruba747, 757, F007, C007
Yamato2500, 2700
Kansai special 8103, 1404P
Eastman cutting machine: All parts
Bag Close: GK26-1 GK26-2
Household sewing machine: JA2-1 JA2-2
Various tools & attachments.

We always supply high quality products with lower price developed to meet the demands of the Market. If you have any questions about our products or have any special enquiries on sewing machine & Parts, please feel free contact with us. Any of your feedback will be highly appreciated