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Shade Net
Product Descriotion:Shade net widely applied for various cereal and oil crops. vegetables, melon and fruits, flowers, tea, domestic fungus, medicinal materials, greenhouse, carport, leisure plce etc.
Product character :Simple in structure, durable, high quality and inexpensive, with multiple protective functions such as shading of light, cooling, humidification, anti-frost, anti-storm, anti-sandstorm, anti-hail damage, avoiding the damage of birds and insects. It can greatly improve the output and quality of the plants.
Model Specifications:
1. Material :HDPE, PE
2. UV protection for at least five years
3. Availableindifferentweight:50,80,100,120,150,185,280,320,340gsm
4. Different colors : green, dark green, black, yellow, blue , gray, etc.
5. Width: round wire:1m ~4m; flat wire 1m~10m
6. shade rate: 30% - 95% or as your request
7. Energy saving:15,20,25and 30%
8. length : can be customized as per your requirements