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1. Here is the sample product picture of our shadow picture carving
2. We have the animal picture and figure picture and the world famous picture shadow carving, we also can carve the picture according to your design, including size and picture.
3. We use the nature good quality stone as the material, the picture on the stone will remain forever, never will fade or chip.
4. The shadow carvings all are made by handwork.
5. It's a very good choice to use the shadow carving to ornament people's place.
6. Shadow Carving is a new form of art which has come into being not more than thirty years. It is pure Chinese native art developing from Chinese traditional stone carving. It is an amazing image that is formed on the smooth surface of stone by special skills. We also call it "stone picture" in slang. Artists draw pictures painstakingly with a pointed chisel, completely by hand. The image on the stone will be preserved forever, will not fade or chip, and will remain vivid for years to come.
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