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We offer a wide range of natural cosmetic products, made with "TFAL" a natural clay, so know in Tunisia, also called Ghassoul, available in north Africa mountain chains only, which is a kind of mineral of the desert 100% Naturalness. Used For body care, face and hair.
Its literal translation means "the matter which washes".
Be used like a mask "of the head to the foot".
Tensor effects, hardening, polishing substance, purifying, cleanser. Natural mineral, its a saponifying clay, proposed for body and hair care. To be used as cream lavender for your hair, or mask for the face or cataplasm for the whole body, it soften the skin, reduces the secretion of sebum, regenerates your skin by gumming its dead cells and balance by tightening its pores. Recommended for the sensitive and allergic skins, the Tfal cleans your skin perfectly and eliminates all the impurities, particularly the BLACK SPOTS.
Hair care: The TFAL is excellent tonic and restorative for hair also recommended for the greasy hair, it degreases with no harm or damages, cleanses the scalp and controls the secretion of sebum while reviving the brilliance of the hair, enough efficient and so mild.

Face care: To look pretty, with a fair and matt complexion, cleared up, breathable and soft skin.
Care of the body: Tfal softens the skin feature, reduces the secretion of sebum, and regenerates your skin by scrubbing its dead cells and balances it by contracting its pores. Tfal will provide you a bright feature, vivacious and silky skin.
Among the therapeutic properties of Tfal we mention ; obesity and cure of slimming, depress and tiredness in case of trace element deficiencies, certain problems of skin like Psoriasis, osteoarthritis and rheumatisms, neurological affections (hemiplegics, paraplegia. . . ) and circulatory (stiff-leg , after-effects of phlebitis and oedemas. . . ) ; they improve vascularization, and increases the cardiac flow and the metabolism.

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