Sell Shell and Tube Condensers

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The UAR shell and tube condensers are designed, using the best technical solutions, for applications in the fields of air-conditioning and refrigeration.
The capacity range, in nominal conditions, is from 3 to 500 RT (from 13.189 KW to 1934.35 KW) . To rapidly and clearly understand our products definition, a table with the DEFINITION CODE has been prepared in which a series of variable standards and any particular custom-made requests are drawn up.
The shell and tube part is made of high performance tubes of special coppers, finned externally and grooved internally for a low fouling factor. With the combination of the two effects, refrigerant side and water-flow side,
condensers are obtained that they are reduced in size and weight compared to those that use traditional tubes for the same capacity. Meanwhile, UAR is still being supported by many copper manufacturers for constantly improved new copper which applied in heat exchangers. All the products are made to function with tap water, well water or on request sea water.