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1 Heat reserve and insulate, the shelter is mainly combined by the 80mm color steel sandwich panel, the core material could adopt EPS, XPS and PU according to the requirements of the customer.

2 The floor adopts 18mm plywood, could satisfy the requirement of load capacity, the outer surface is coated the glass steel, could prevent the termite or the corrosion by other things.

3 The shelter is combined with steel column, steel beam and panels, the fittings are connected by the bolts, the panes are set outside the steel frame. Because the steel frame doesn"t expose outside directly, it will prevent the cold bridge, enhance the heat reserve performance.

4 waterproof seal: The wall panel adopts the hidden fastener type sandwich panel, because the panels are set transversely, they can proof water very well. When the wall panels are installed completely, no needs to use any glue that also could waterproof well; The roof adopts the corrugated sheet, the four sides are extruded, in order to make the water drain out the roof quickly, and ensure there will no leaking. There is no gap between the fittings, the connect joints is the channel for the water run through, ensure there will be no leaking.

5 The whole shelter is combined by foundation, bearing, chassis, steel frame and the protective panel, the foundation is concrete, could predict and module, no need to pave concrete on the big area. If the floor is concrete floor, just use the bearing is ok, doesn"t need concrete foundation. The steel chassis is welded by the module, and connect by the bolts. The bearing and the surface of the chassis are dipped into the hot zinc. The surface of the steel frame sprays by the antistatic coating. The color is the same as the wall panel.

6 Shelter"s door adopts sandwich panel, the door frame adopts the cold rolling steel sheet, the surface spray the antistatic coating, there is one sealant on each door frame and the door fan. The lock adopts three-tongue lock, the handle adopts the stainless to make. There are two kinds of lock: One is pad lock, another is hidden lock.
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