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The CEE KQT-24/630 Shielded Fore-Connector is shielded and insulated termination, rated 630 amps, up to 24kV, connected with underground cable ranging from 35 to 400 mm2(conductor cross section) . It meets the requirements of DIN 47636 Standard.

The CEE KQT-24/630 Shielded Fore-Connectors are molded using high quality peroxide-cured EPDM insulation. It is used to connect underground cable to switchgear, RMU and 630 amps junctions equipped with deadbreak bushings. Shielded Fore-Connectors are designed for used on solid dielectric cable (XLPE or EPR) . In order to provide more cable branch circuits, the Shielded Fore-Connectors can be connected with the CEE KHT-24/630 Shielded Sub-Connector by connecting plug.
Model Number
CEE KQT-24/630
Power Requirements